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Health Benefits of Regular Massage

If you think it’s too much of a luxury to consider having a regular weekly massage, it is important to consider thee fact that studies indicate there may actually be large health benefits to going ahead and scheduling that regular weekly massage.

Regardless of what kind of career you might happen to be involved in, there is no denying there are major benefits to having a regular massage. Just a few of these benefits include a reduction in back strain, headaches and fatigue. In many cases, doctors have even begun to actually prescribe massage as a way to assist patients with reduction of stress and pain levels. Although this news may also come as quite a bit of a surprise, some HMOs are now even starting to pick up the tab. The message that massage is more than an indulgence is obvious.
It is important to note that massage can also produce numerous other health benefits as well such as boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure and increasing brain chemicals, such as serotonin, that can elevate moods. The benefits of massage are so important many health professionals now feel that it should be in the same category as exercise and proper diet as a way to maintain proper health.

The key to obtaining the major benefits of massage; however, is strongly tied to regularity. An occasional massage certainly may help you relax, but it is not as likely to provide major health benefits as a regular weekly or even monthly massage.

Generally, most people tend to think of massage as only being good for reducing tension or relieving sore muscles; however, studies also now indicate that massage can address a wide variety of other health issues and conditions as well. Just a few of the medical conditions that therapeutic massage can help with include: anxiety, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory problems, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporary pain, depression, headache, digestive disorders, reduced range of motion, insomnia, sports injuries and sinusitis.

Studies further indicate that the body’s immune function can be strengthened by regular massage therapy. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this study is the fact that this is possible regardless of whether you are already healthy or whether you are currently fighting disease or illness. These benefits are available through regular massage due to the fact that there is an increase in white blood cells, which enables the body to fight off disease.

There is also strong evidence to indicate that women diagnosed with breast cancer who have regular massage therapy show an improvement in their immune function. In fact, of the women who participated in the study and receive massages three times a week for a month or more, 80% showed an improvement in immune function.

Other studies clearly link the connection between regular massage and a reduction in pain, stiffness, fatigue and insomnia. In this study, individuals who participated in the study receiving a half-hour massage twice a week showed a marked improvement in pain, fatigue and quality of sleep.

While the benefits of massage for individuals suffering from health problems is clear, it should be noted that studies also indicate regular massage can provide even individuals who are already health with a better mental outlook and improved physical functioning. Making massage a part of your regular healthcare routine, along with exercise, rest and proper nutrition, is an excellent way to make sure you maintain optimum health. Clearly, massage is no longer just a luxury-it should be a priority to maintain optimal health.

If you’re not sure whether your insurance may cover the costs of massage therapy, be sure to check. More and more insurance companies are recognizing the growing benefits of massage as a way to maintain health.
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